By popular request

Dori has said that everyone wants me to update this blog so here it is. Thanks to everyone who has been helping us out, not just recently, but for the last 8 years or so. Right now we are trying to be sure of what our next step is. Dori is in great discomfort much of the time and can’t do the many things she wants to do. She is not at a point that she needs to go the hospital, but she does spend most her days on the couch or in bed. We will be deciding whether or not she wants to keep doing chemotherapy. On the one hand she has tried every single thing available and it has gotten her this far, but on the other hand she is completely worn out and is ready to free herself from the side affects of treatment.

It is a delicate issue and one that we will think long and hard about. It is important to keep in mind that if she does decide to end treatment-it is not a single of defeat or giving up, it is simply dealing with reality and making the most of life. We all want what is best for Dori and want to feel like we have done something to make a difference. If you are reading this you have made a difference already. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, cherish what you have and celebrate the life you have been given. Know that Dori is doing well, is happy and content with where she is and who she is and that she is looking forward to the journey ahead. Thanks again and God bless you all!