How to make the perfect iced coffee at home

You might think the only way to get the perfect iced coffee is to go to your local coffee shop and spend way too much money. However, you would be wrong. When gas prices rise and food costs make it hard to put food on the table, you have to start cutting back. Making your own iced coffee before you leave the house is a great way to save money and still feel spoiled.

Perfect iced coffee at home

Things you’ll need:

Coffee Pot
Hershey’s Syrup
Vanilla Soy Milk or Milk
Liquid Coffee Creamer


You can use your basic unflavored coffee for this recipe. It is much cheaper and you can change the flavor yourself by adding extras to the coffee grounds before you brew it or to the coffee itself after it is brewed. For this recipe I am using a generic, unflavored coffee with a few dashes of cinnamon in the coffee grounds to infuse the flavor while brewing. While your coffee is brewing you can get all of your other ingredients together.

Start out with a large glass filled 1/3 to 1/2 full of hot coffee, it all depends on how much coffee you would like. You want to start with hot coffee to help melt the next two ingredients.

Add sugar to taste. You don’t really need too much sugar because the next ingredient is sweet too.

Add Hershey’s syrup to taste.

Quickly dump in your ice.

Add your soy milk or milk. You want to do this step quickly after adding the ice so your ice cubes don’t all melt and so that your coffee doesn’t get watered down. You want to have lots of ice cubes left when you are done adding everything.

Add just a little liquid coffee creamer. Pick a flavor that will go good with cinnamon and chocolate. I like to use either French Vanilla or Hazelnut. You might not think it is important to add the liquid creamer, but it is the one ingredient that makes it the Perfect iced coffee. It adds just the right amount of creaminess and gives it that coffee shop taste.

Some fun tips and variations:

Use your extra coffee to make coffee ice cubes and your iced coffee will never be watered down!

Substitute nutmeg for cinnamon and use the pumpkin flavored creamer for a Holiday Latte. The pumpkin creamer is usually only available during the Christmas holiday season.

Throw the whole thing in a blender and turn it into a coffee smoothie! (This works best with the frozen coffee ice cubes.)

Omit the ice during the colder months to keep warm for the perfect latte.

Enjoy your Perfect Iced Coffee!


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