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In the past, Jack in the Box has been tainted with bad publicity, however, after visiting a Jack in the Box, located at 9703 Washington, in Thornton, Colorado, this examiner discovered just the opposite. Upon entering the facility, one could see a clean and friendly atmosphere.  Greeted with a smile, the employee was kind and made suggestions from the menu.  While the quality of the food may not be class A; as far as the classification of a fast food restaurant goes, the food was good and reasonable in price.  In a more personal preference, the quality surpassed that of similar fast food chains that show less care to service and quality.  During the visit, it was noted that customer and employee interaction was one of the best customer service experiences that one would see in typical fast food chains. 

The establishment also offers an electronic order and pay here station, where customers could place orders and pay conveniently through the machine, rather than waiting for someone to ring up their order. 

The bathroom was clean and organized. The tables were cleaned off quickly and employees were consistently working. The kitchen area, from the customer’s view, did not appear disorganized and appeared to be kept up with. Employees displayed professionalism and were clean in appearance. When asked to speak with management, the staff remained respectful and offered contact information.

Jack in the Box has rebounded and is showing a competitive challenge to other national fast-food chain successes.  Most locations offer a diverse selection of food choices.  The  sundry balance on its menu include Jack in the Box’s “The Ultimate Cheeseburger”, which won the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 Golden Icon Awards for Best Burger; awarded annually by Travolta Family Entertainment.  It also offers the Jumbo Jack, potato wedges, egg rolls, tacos, as well as breakfast burritos.  Every 3 to 4 months, the company rotates the Philly Cheese steak, and Jack’s ciabatta burger.  Seasonal items include the pumpkin pie shake, Oreo shake, and eggnog shake.  In 2007, the company introduced the sirloin burger and more recently the sirloin steak melt.  In most locations, the entire menu is served during all business hours.

While much controversy had surrounded the company once upon a time, those days seem to be far behind them as this competitive fast-food chain bounces back with a very competitive outlook.  For the Thornton area, it is safe to say that this establishment is well worth the visit. 


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