Promised update

I have been on the avastin/taxotere combonation twice now. It is tearing up my stomach but the saving grace is that i can only do it every other week! i am still lacking energy, sleep a great deal, have pain in my stomach and trouble with my breathing. i am trying to stay low as i am not in a very good mood. i have trouble getting comfortable and therefore doing anything for a prolonged period of time. i have some wonderful painkillers but hate taking them. They make me sleeping and loopy. i am having to give in more often that i like. The other night at dinner JE said your eyes are yellow. This is not my idea of whispering sweet nothings! My urine has also closely resemble orange juice and i have not wanted to admit it. I went to the doctors on Friday to have some tests run to see if the liver is doing what it is supposed to do or if the tumor is finally blocking the liver from functioning as it should. Boys are at the longhorn game today and jaden is at the zoo with her aunt, uncle and cousins. thanks everyone for meals, prayers, phone calls and help with the kids.