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When stored properly, apples will remain fresh and good for consumption over long periods of time. What is the proper apple storage technique?

* Buying apples and preparing them for storage *
When buying apples, pay close attention to the appearance of each individual fruit. The apples have to be shiny, well-formed and pleasantly colored.

Select apples that appear healthy. Refrain from purchasing fruits that have dark spots, soft places or rotting flesh.

Wash apples well with water. Cut out any bruised spots.

* Traditional apple storage techniques *
Place apples in wooden crates. You have to store them in well-ventilated, cold places that have low humidity level.

Keeping the temperature constant is essential for the proper storage of the fruits. Apples should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

You apartment balcony is a suitable storage place. Wrap each fruit in a piece of paper and place in wooden crates. Cover the crates with a blanket, in order to prevent the fruits from freezing.

* Storing apples in a refrigerator *
Apples can also be stored in a refrigerator or a refrigerated room

The fruits you select have to be ripened and well-cleaned. For best results keep only one variety in the fridge. Different varieties have different temperature requirements.

If you refrigerate apples that have just been picked, you will prolong heir shelf life and improve the quality of the fruits.

The best temperature should slow down the ripening process and hinder the development of mold or fungal diseases.

You can also store apples that have been prepared for the preservation of fruit salads and sweets. Clean and peel the fruits. Dip them in water containing the juice of several lemons to maintain their color unchanged. Store in the fridge and try to use as quickly as possible.

* Drying apples *
Apples that will be used for the preparation of pies and sweets can be dried. This procedure will increase the storage period significantly.

Select large, well-ripened fruits. Wash and peel them. Cut the apples into appropriate cubes or any other type of suitable pieces. You can either dry the apples using sunlight or your oven.

Oven drying happens faster. It will take six to eight hours to dry apples. Check on them constantly. When completely dried, the pieces have to be hard and elastic.

Store in air-tight containers in a dark and cool place. You can use dried apples for periods of up to six months.


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