Taste Heineken

Heineken: the green bottle and distinctive name
of this imported lager are very familiar even to
those who are not regular beer drinkers.
Brewed in the Netherlands, this Euro pale lager
is most commonly seen in its green bottle serving.
What might not be so familiar is its reputation as
“skunky”as it is less than flattering.
In this review, I hope to offer my unbiased observations
on appearance, aroma, taste and finish.
My serving will be the bottle poured into a chilled
glass for serving. Being more attracted to imports rather
than domestic, I hope to give a fairly accurate picture
of what may be expected when trying this lager.

Pours as pale straw colour, very clear with a decent
head that soon fades to a thin layer. Some lacing present,
but not a significant amount when compared to other labels.
The aroma is best described as light with a herbal quality
and a trace of scent that calls to mind paper or cardboard.
The smell was not found pleasant, but did seem to diffuse
once the beer was given time to warm-up.
The overall taste is weak. There is a crispness, but that
is soon forgotten as one continues to wait for some sort
of flavor to materialize. The finish also leaves the palate
unsatisfied as this brew’s aftertaste seems somewhat “stale”
in my opinion.

Although I would not label it as harshly as some before me,
I can appreciate the reputation gained as an over-rated brew.
For a drinker that expects taste and flavor that is savored
after the swallow, this lager proved disappointing.
I also value scent as it can detract or add to flavor.
This lager seems to exude an aroma that makes one weary of
that first sip rather than anticipate it.

But again, I have only tried it from the bottle and do note
several opinions that the flavor from the mini keg is quite
different and worthy of trying. There is also Heineken on
draft. This type of serving appeals to me and may entice me
to try the brew again. On the whole, I’ve found lagers served
on draft seem to retain flavor that somehow seems to become
“watered-down” in the bottling process. There is also the
opinion to consider that the green glass affects the flavor.
All these other opinions set aside, I will rate it as a fair
lager in closing, and one I certainly feel is over-rated in
its popularity. I do feel it would appeal to those who aren’t
regular beer drinkers because there is nothing strong about
the flavor. But for those of us who drink beer for the taste,
it is my opinion that this brew deserves to be passed-up.


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