Ten Foods that will Ruin your Diet

There are some foods and beverages that will totally derail your diet. These are the ones you have to really keep away from. When you are on a diet, the point is avoid certain foods and practice self restraint. There are the ten on my list to watch out for.

Beer is a wonderful drink. If I can have one, I can have two. If I can have two, I should have something from the snack section to go with it. Beer is also hefty in the calories sense. Beers leads to other things, avoid it.

Soda Drinks.
Soft drinks are loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes. Sugars are calorie powerhouses. These kind of beverages should be the first thing you cut out and if you start drinking sugar drinks your diet is effectively over.

One chip is not so bad, but who can stop at one. Or at one bag. Sometimes when you buy a bag of chips, you will buy another the next day.

Ice Cream.
Ice Cream. Delicious, cold, and busting with calories. Ice cream is a potent force against the diet fortress. Guard your heart against the seduction of the cool treat.

Chocolate bars.
Chocolate bars are a great treat. What is you have them too often? What is you have them every day or twice a week? Watch out for chocolate bars. They are everywhere, cheap, the love of many appetites.

I especially love the homemade variety. The trouble with the homemade variety is you can’t just have one and say no. The homemade variety will go stale in a couple of days, so you try to eat them while they are fresh. Worse still you try to eat your fair share before the others finish them off.

Cheeseburgers with the works.
Cheeseburgers are great, especially from the BBQ grill. Two are great with bacon, and relish and mustard.

Pecan Pies.
Pecan Pies are just too good. Especially the kind with butter. Delicious and deadly to the diet.

Salad dressing.
Salad anyone? What is the point of salad? It looks pretty, yes. BUT. It is suppose to be healthy, until you add your salad dressing. I eat my salad without dressing. Should I feel somewhat decadent, I shall sprinkle lemon or lime juice on it. I have vowed salad dressing out of my life.

Whale blubber.
Only the best food on planet earth. It is loaded with good and great things. Yet is best with the gristle on. The gristle is not so much the problem as it is the problem. It taste too good that you actually talk yourself that more is good.

If you are serious about your diet, watch out for these things.


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