This little Recipe is for a Biscuits that i do like to Eat

This little recipe is for a biscuits that I do like to eat. It reminds me of being on holiday and having the sun in my face as I sit with a coffee in the morning watching everyone do what ever they have to do wile I do nothing . The reason for that is I believe this recipe originates from Spain. They are easy to make and keep very well for a long time in a tin.

You will need.

75g/2¾oz unsalted soft butter.

55g/2oz blanched almonds.

75g/2¾ oz cater sugar.

2ml/¼ tsp almond extract.

55g/2oz plain flour.

2 large egg whites.

This much mix should make about 15 biscuits all together. Also they do spread when you bake them, so make sure that you give them plenty of room before you cook them.

So the first step is to chop the almond up. Now you can do this in a blender if you wish. It is a lot better to do this by hand as you get a better and more rustic feel to the final biscuit.

Then take the butter and the sugar and cream them together so that the mix goes white and creamy. Then add the chopped almonds and the almond extract and mix all together. Now take your flour and sift that in to the bowl and steadily mix this so that you have a smooth paste.

Now take your egg whites and whisk them till they are light and fluffy. You need to make sure that the peaks keep there shapes. So you really have to whisk them for a while, or use an electric whisk.

Now once you have your egg whites nice and fluffy you need to combine them with the rest of the mix. Just add a little of the eggs to start with so that you can start to combine, and then a little at a time till you have a good light well mixed paste.

Now spoon about 15 lots onto a greased baking try. Now if you are organised try and grease your tray in advance and then place in the fridge for a while. I do not know why but it does help in stopping things from stick ing as much.  

Now place your baking tray in to a preheated oven set at 180°C, 350°F or gas mark 4 for about 15 to twenty minuets. Once they have gone golden and a little darker at the edges take out of the oven and leave on the side for a few moments. Do not try and take them off the baking sheet straight away as they will stick. After about 2 or 3 minuets you can remove them to a cooling rack.

Then, either eat them or put them in an air tight tin. Also you can have them with ice cream, very nice indeed.


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